6 Luxury Areas in Tokyo

Have you ever been to Tokyo? Tokyo is known as an expensive city, which means most people who live in Tokyo are rich people. Many tourists in Japan are familiar with the busy areas of Shibuya and Shinjuku, but this is only a small part of the hundreds of areas around Tokyo. Here is a list of six expensive and beautiful suburbs where rich people live and mingle.



 If you guys are looking for an environment that could be comparable with an upscale European-style suburb with beautiful parks and luxurious streets, Denenchofu is the right place to have a city layout just like London. This environment is not only housing but also a location for famous Japanese companies. When you walk around Denenchofu, you can find the house of entrepreneurs, professional sportsmen, movie stars, and other important people.



The city called Omosando doesn’t need a special introduction because this place is the coolest building center in Japan, as well as luxury brand shops such as Ralph Lauren, modeling agencies, and many more. You can find many hipsters and people who love fashion in this neighborhood. They are all located near Shibuya and Gaienmae which are also famous as shopping areas. The number of local residents and foreigners living in this neighborhood is increasing significantly from day by day.



Azabu is a really expensive suburb where the price of owning a modern apartment or land is very high. You can find famous celebrities, diplomats and other figures live in this quiet environment that is filled with housing complexes, shopping centers, clubs, halls, and so on. Some of the most famous artists from various backgrounds can be seen living in Azabu.

 Gainmane and Aoyama-itchome


The location of Gainmane and Aoyama-itchome is not far from Omotesando. Both are high-class neighborhoods with impressive streets like Icho Namiki Avenue, also known as “Golden Street” because there are golden yellow ginkgo trees along the road.

Houses in this area are very expensive so it is very difficult to find them listed for sale. Home to some of the richest people in Japan such as the Honda family and some of the largest international companies such as Oracle Japan, this environment stands as a symbol of Tokyo’s development. These places not only have luxury boutiques, restaurants, and modern homes, but also impressive green parks and futuristic businesses.

 Futako- Tamagawa


Futako- Tamagawa is known as the oldest suburbs in Japan where rich people began to move from various regions in Tokyo and neighboring cities. This place is the location of one of the first malls in Japan called Takashimaya, a famous retail store that was built in the late ’60s that sells items primarily related to weddings, such as dresses, jewelry, decorations, perfumes, and so on.

Since the world has always evolved rapidly in the 1990s, property prices in the suburbs have risen sharply with many elites building large houses. You can really find big houses with lots of open space here, unlike other environments because of the lack of land to build big houses.



Everyone knows where the Imperial Palace is located in Tokyo as an area known for attracting many people, both foreign and local tourists. Toranomon is at the southern end of the palace where “Tiger Gate” is located. This area is near the Shimbashi area and has several famous locations in Tokyo, such as Toranomon-hill with a luxurious 52 floors, Tokyo Okura hotel, Atago Shrine, and others. Because of its proximity to the imperial territory, this place became very expensive.

Those are 6 luxury areas in Tokyo. You have to save your money from now if you want to go to those places. Want to know more about Japan?  You can learn the language first. By download Cakap application on App Store and Play Store, you can easily learn Japanese language anytime and everywhere you want.

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