9 Anti-Mainstream Cuisine in China

As a country with the largest population in the world, China is a country that is quite special. No wonder if China is one of the most favorite destinations for tourists from various countries. Moreover, China’s unique culinary is also very interesting. Well, China also famous for its unusual culinary or most people called “anti-mainstream”.

If you are already curious to know what the anti-mainstream cuisine in China. Check down below!

Stinky Tofu

If you heard a word stinky, what crossed on your mind? I guess you must be thinking of smell and dirty. This type of tofu has a very strong odor because it is preserved. Its appearance was really not appetizing, because the color is black or brown. Even so, many people in China love this kind of food! They said the taste of stinky tofu is fresh and tasty. If you go to the Changsha area, do you want to try this food?

Fried spiders

If you are a fan of Spiderman, you definitely don’t have the same liking for this food. For the people in Indonesia, meeting spiders already makes the skin crawl. But not for Chinese people. There, the spider is instead made into a crispy snack with dry-fried. What do you think?

Duck’s Head

You must be common with fried ducks, but not with duck’s head. In China, they are accustomed to eating duck heads and just served in their full form.


When eating chicken, usually chosen is a chicken that has grown. However, in China, they are accustomed to consuming chicks, whether it’s fried or stir-fry.

Seahorse Satay

Seafood is common with fish, crab, shrimp, or clam. What about seahorse? In China you can easily find seahorse satay, dry-fried and sold on the roadside.

Scorpion Satay

How would you feel if you met a scorpion at home? I bet you screamed hysterically, scared. Now, if you are traveling to China, don’t be surprised to see scorpions sold freely in the form of fried satay. Hmmm, is it delicious?

100 days duck eggs

How it taste if duck eggs are left for 100 days? It must have turned into brownish-green. Ew, looks disgusting. This food is popular in China. Have you tried it?

Monkey Brain Soup

Monkey brain soup? It’s sad if you imagine those brain of the monkey was taken. For some Chinese, this soup tastes really good. Dare to try?

Roast Frog

You must be thinking those anti-mainstream cuisines in China is scary. But not for China, those foods are very tasty. What about roast frogs? Do you dry to try it? You can find roast frogs along Chinese street food.

Those are 9 anti-mainstream cuisine in China. Which one do you want to try if you go to China?

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