Get to Know the Beauty of Raja Ampat

Hello their travelers! I believe most of you have your own traveling dream destinations. Have you heard about Raja Ampat? I think some of you are already familiar with this place. 

Raja Ampat is a small island found in West Papua. It is famous for its amazing views of islands. I guarantee that you will enjoy the beautiful views given by Raja Ampat. A lot of travelers from all over the world dreams to go to this place, the beauty of Raja Ampat is said to be heaven on earth. But the price to go to this place is known to be very expensive. 

Here are the destinations you can go to when travelling to West Papua or well known as Raja Ampat.


Known as the best snorkeling place found in Indonesia. Pianemo or Painemu is a group of coral islands that spreads around the ocean. It is also known as the most beautiful coral island after Wayang and Kabui island.

Pianemo is also the best spot to enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat from above. Enjoying the group of islands and the blue ocean. Many travelers take great photography at this spot. Which make this spot the number one place to take photos. 

Laguna Bintang or Star Lagoon

This second destination is called Star Lagoon shaped like a star with a green colored lagoon. Fun fact about this place is that it’s not made out of human’s hand but made 100% by nature isn’t that amazing?

Travelers who want to have greater site of the lagoon has to climb up a hill to be able to enjoy the view of the Star Lagoon. Up on the hill you guys can see the clear lagoon which is surrounded by cliffs. It only takes 10 minutes from Pianemo island by boat.


Misool a beautiful island in Raja Ampat that has a spectacular attraction under water for you travelers. When snorkeling underwater you won’t be only seeing beautiful corals and fishes swimming around you. But you will also be seeing an attraction from sharks and Kalabia. 

If you’re wondering what Kalibia is, well Kalibia is an endemic animal from Raja Ampat that you won’t find anywhere else except in Raja Ampat. 

Besides the attraction you will also find an island of shark’s with jelly fish that have no stings. Which is safe for you guys to interact with. There are also kart rocks, and mysterious ancient painting such as hand prints, fish paintings, boats and many more paintings in Misool island.

Hey travelers, are you guys familiar with the view of coral islands and blue ocean? Yep the name is Wayag island. Known as the icon of Raja Ampat that has beautiful group of coral islands which makes it an attraction for travelers.

It is a must for travelers to climb up a coral island which will only take 30 minutes. After the struggle and difficulty of climbing the coral, you will directly be paid by the incredible view once you arrived to the top of the island. The beautifulness won’t let you blink an eye can you imagine that? 

Arborek Island

It is a must for you travelers to come to Arborek island, besides to enjoy the amazing panorama? You guys must get to know the local people living in the village. They are very welcoming and will give you their best smiles when you meet them.

For travelers from outside Indonesia it is best if you could learn Indonesian language before coming to this place. Which will give you benefits such as being able to speak to local people and understand what the local people are talking about.

It will be a great time for you travelers meeting local people and learning their cultures.

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