Study in Japan: Anabuki Business College and Earth Institute of Language

Learning the Japanese language allows you to immerse yourself in the Japanese culture because there is no other way to become proficient in the language than to do it the “Japanese way.” Because most people who want to learn Japanese are outside of Japan, they find more convenience in looking for online classes for Japanese language learning. However, if you do want to learn Japanese in Japan, you can try the Japanese courses at the Anabuki Business College in Takamatsu or at the Earth Institute of Language in Osaka.

Just hours away from each other, the Anabuki Business College and the Earth Institute of Language are both private institutes that provide various Japanese language courses and Japanese culture immersion activities. Both institutes train local and foreign students in the four skill sets: reading, writing, speaking, and listening – all taught in Japanese. Language training in both institutes are quite intensive, so students must pass and complete many requirements before being allowed to enroll. 

Most of the courses at the Anabuki Business College and the Earth Institute of Language are long-term courses that take almost up to two-years to complete. So, most non-resident students of the area are provided housing or dorms to stay in. Both institutes have dormitories located just minutes away from the schools allowing the students to either walk or ride bicycles. The communities wherein the dorms are located are generally cheaper, safer, and less expensive than in Tokyo. 

Since immersion is an integral part of their language courses, the Anabuki Business College and the Earth Institute of Language gives their students chances to find and have part-time jobs within the community to apply their new language skills in daily life. The students are also offered additional training for resume writing and for answering interviews. Other forms of immersion include student exchange programs, tours of historical and cultural places in Japan, and participation in Japanese festivities.

After the completion of their language courses, both institutes introduce a list of higher education institutions to their students in case they would want to continue their studies in Japan. Many foreign students have found better opportunities in Japan as they continued on with their studies. So, maybe, you would be able to find one, too.

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